What Is the Alcohol Law in Dubai

In rare cases, people are prosecuted for drunkenness and/or non-compliance with liquor license requirements. In most situations, they have attracted attention here by committing a related crime (including disorderly or offensive behavior). In these cases, alcohol-related offences are usually added to an indictment for the predicate offence. Here are some additional facts about the liquor license: – The minimum income for a liquor license is 2,000 dirhams per month.– The license itself is a smart card that records each purchase. The amount you can buy each month depends on your salary. The CID also has access to your purchase documents and can see how much you spend on alcohol. Those who are active on social media should be aware of what they are posting when it comes to alcohol consumption. It is best to refer to alcohol in general. Try to be vague when posting articles about alcohol-related activities. For example: “I`m having a drink at the hotel” instead of “This vodka-cranberry cocktail goes down like water”. The new card system comes as Dubai now allows tourists and visitors to buy alcohol from merchants simply by using their passports, filling a gap that prevented visitors from obtaining a permit that had to be stopped for possession of alcohol. You should give tourists liquor licenses and they will arrive. It`s legal to buy it from Duty Free, but technically they can`t drink it anywhere without a license.

However, there is an exception for non-Muslims/non-residents living and working in Dubai. You must be sponsored and obtain the appropriate documentation and licenses to purchase alcohol at specific outlets. It is clear that this alcohol is intended for personal consumption in the privacy of your own home. In Dubai, I was caught drinking alcohol without a license. They took back my passport, I paid a fine from 2000 to 2000 dhm. I would like to know if this will convict me as a criminal and give me a criminal record? I am currently applying for a stay abroad and would like to know if I now need a Dubai police clearance Find out who is entitled to a liquor license and the procedures for obtaining one. There are many places in the UAE where you can buy alcohol, like the “hole in the wall” in Ajman, places in Um Al Quwain. I agree with Jason. I was 14 when I arrived at my first bar. There are clubs here as well as bars in hotels.

I don`t think you have to worry about the liquor license here, because it seems useless to me, as long as you know how to be sneaky and you don`t attract the attention of the police, then you`re good to go. Believe me, I was born and raised in the UAE, so I know my way. This Karama and Filipino thing? This has been going on for ages! In addition, there are other nationalities that do exactly the same thing. Problems arise when you are drunk and walking outside the hotel or bar or have an alcohol-related incident. Take the case of British motorcycle champion Sean Emmett. His wife fell from a hotel balcony and died. He was arrested and fined for drinking alcohol without a license. All emirates have strict laws on alcohol, sex and drugs, and Dubai is no exception. In October 2017, Jamie Harron, 27, an electrician from Stirling, was detained for a month and fined £412 for drinking alcohol and making a rude gesture. In most cases, one eye is closed. No one asks for your liquor certificate at Dubai Duty Free or at a restaurant or bar. Legally, however, you need one.

It still seems to be a bit difficult. Obviously, she was not drunk when her alcohol content was 04%. I would avoid Dubai as a woman. Especially traveling alone. Without a male companion. Dear Tony, you can buy from Duty Free and consume in your room inside the hotel and not outside. No one in your group should cause problems for other residents of the hotel or on the street after consuming alcohol. It is a crime to drive in the UAE after consuming alcohol, so always use a taxi if you need to get around. Non-Muslim residents must purchase a license to buy alcohol in stores to drink at home.

As for Jim`s question. You can drink in bars without a license, but I believe you need it to TRANSPORT alcohol, that is, if a friend with a license buys it for you and you have to bring it from their home to yours. If the police arrest you with alcohol in your possession and you don`t have a liquor license, you`d better find a good lawyer. The alcohol you can buy in these stores is pretty heavily taxed – so don`t be surprised if you visit friends in Dubai who ask you to fill up your duty-free limit for them! This is a grey area of the law as you technically need a liquor license to drink in the UAE, regardless of the type of visa you have. But it`s served everywhere in bars, right? Sister, just give up alcohol. Its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Fear God, your Muslim. Even if you don`t practice, you`ll end up in trouble if you want to start drinking (or keep going). Non-Muslim expats in the UAE are allowed to buy alcohol from specialty stores if they get a liquor license.

To be eligible for a liquor license, you must be a resident of Dubai and not a Muslim. To get one, get an application form at an A&E or MMI store. This must be completed and stamped by your employer and returned to the store with your photo and copies of your passport, employment contract, residence permit and rental contract. More about this story than about what is said in the press. She arrived on an invalid visa and was refused entry. She then began arguing with immigration officials. Critically, she then began filming them with her mobile phone. Filming immigration officers is a crime almost everywhere in the world. Can I drink my own alcohol in a restaurant in Dubai? In September, the emirate ended the liquor licensing system for residents.

Individuals are allowed to import 4 liters of alcohol – see customs directive here Expatine Rebecca Blake, 35, was thrown into a cell after sharing a taxi with a man carrying an open beer bottle. She said, “I had no idea that alcohol was illegal unless I had a license.” You`ll also find major annual alcohol sales events, including the Taste of Dubai Festival and Oktoberfest in Dubai. Until then, the sale of alcohol on the eve of a number of Islamic holidays was banned, including Waqfat Arafa, Al Israâa and Mâraj, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic New Year. Previously, alcohol prosecutions were rare and more common when arrested for another crime. Clubs such as sports clubs and specially designed entertainment venues such as Pier 7 in Dubai Marina also have liquor licenses and serve as entertainment hubs throughout the city. The purchased alcohol must be consumed on site. You can`t buy alcohol in Dubai`s shops or supermarkets, but it`s available in bars, clubs and restaurants. You can buy it duty free and take it with you if you want to enjoy it comfortably in your own house/apartment. Yes, as in the UK, if you are a minor, you can take the risk of trying to be served, but the consequences are much worse than if you are rejected if you are discovered.

If you have a residency visa, are over 21 and earn at least AED 3,000 per month, and are not Muslim, you can apply for a liquor license that allows you to buy alcohol from licensed commercial stores. .